As a stroke victim and personal trainer, I have created a program that supports you in regaining abilities to become as self-sufficient as possible. I spent 225 days in the hospital and was non-verbal for 3 months. After spending 2 years in a wheel chair, I decided to take back my life and do what I could to increase my capabilities.  Now I am passionate about helping others.

Be Fit Be Able programs allow you to move at your own pace, in your own home, moving toward realistic goals. You don’t need expensive or fancy equipment — you can use items found around your home, like cans of vegetables, a towel, or a chair. James will help you increase range of motion, strength, endurance, and cardiovascular capacity.

You can:
Decrease depression
Enhance quality of life
Improve focus, fine motor skills, and cognitive functioning
Increase self-esteem and confidence

Be Fit Be Able provides support, encouragement, and motivation to exercise regularly using on-demand videos. Subscribe today!

Your first month is FREE, then only $20 per month to change your life!

Personal online training

James will guide you through new exercises weekly as your virtual personal trainer.

Special exercises emailed directly to your inbox

You will receive weekly sitting and/or standing exercise videos and step-by-step guidance, with resources and materials appropriate for your level.

Guest coach videos

Our special guest trainers give you great information on Zumba, nutrition, and more.

Encouragement and Support

James will give you plenty of support, encouragement, and motivation to exercise regularly at home -- at your own pace!